Mor-Flexx Mortar Sealant

Mor-Flexx Mortar SealantMor-Flexx® Sealant is the flexible acrylic latex caulk for textured surfaces. Its texture mimics the character of many different textured surfaces, including wood, stone, stucco, brick, mortar and composite panels and siding. It won't dry hard and crack like other repair products. It stretches and flexes with temperature changes and movement. Mor-Flexx looks like mortar, and stretches like rubber! Use Mor-Flexx where a textured, mortar look is desired, indoors or outdoors. Made in the USA. Case sizes: 12 per case for 10.5 oz.  Mor-Flexx Technical Data |  SDS

Application Temp: 40-90° F surface temperature.
Method: Caulk Gun.
Surface Prep: If dirt or oils are present, wash with any household cleaner, rinse to remove and allow to dry. When repairing a failed caulking application, wire brush the crack or chipped area to loosen and remove poorly bonded material. Completely remove all loose material and dust. Insert Backer Rod into joints deeper than 1/2” to provide for proper sealant depth and a stronger, longer lasting seal.
Drying Time: Cure-through time: 4-5 days (dependent on temperature, humidity, and bead size). Tack-free in less than 30 minutes. Paintable with exterior latex paints after 4 hours (will take longer in cool, humid conditions). Allow 1 week drying time before applying oil-based paints, sealers, or stains. Some interior and exterior low-end, flat latex paints may crack over Mor-Flexx, so test in an inconspicuous area first.
Shelf Life: 3 years. Freeze-Thaw Stability Passes at least 5 cycles (0-70° F)
Cleanup: Soap and Water

Mor-Flexx Colors Swatch
These colors are intended to show approximate color only.

12 Tubes Per Case
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