Penetrol 1-qt

Penetrol 1-qt
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Cannot Ship USPS Ground OnlyPenetrol is a quality paint conditioner that improves the penetration of Woodguard and other oil based finishes. It allows finishes like Woodguard to spread easier and faster, giving more uniform flow and coverage. Penetrol also works well to keep paint additives like Bug Juice properly mixed with oil based finishes. Not recommended for use with ProLuxe (Sikkens) finishes due to a lack of testing. Sold by the quart. Made in the USA.  MSDS  Cannot Ship to Alaska. 

Why Should I Use Penetrol?

  • Penetrol helps keep Bug Juice properly mixed with oil based finishes.
  • Reduces brush drag; Increases penetration of finish.
  • Unlike thinner, does not evaporate and leave too thin a protective coating.
  • Makes Woodguard smoother, easier to apply, and maintains its inherent protective qualities and appearance.
  • Can also be used in other oil based exterior stains, house paints, and primers.

How Do I Use Penetrol?

  • Mix a bottle (8â…“ oz.) of Bug Juice with 20 ounces of Penetrol, then pour this mixture into a five gallon pail of Woodguard or other heavy oil based finish. For more details on using Bug Juice, click here.
  • Add a maximum of one quart of Penetrol per five gallon pail of Woodguard.
  • Prepare wood surface as instructed. Stir and mix Woodguard thoroughly and apply. If Woodguard "pulls", add Penetrol until the product spreads smoothly and easily.
  • Let the brush, roller or spray be the guide. Add enough Penetrol to allow Woodguard to work smoothly.

Clean Up and Storage of Penetrol
Keep away from heat and flame. If spilled, contain spilled material and remove with cat litter. Dispose of contaminated cat litter, container, and unused contents in accordance with local, state, and federal regulation.