Pentacryl Wood Stabilizer

Pentacryl Wood Stabilizer

Pentacryl is a wood stabilizer used to keep green wood from cracking, checking and splitting during the drying process. When the wood is completely dry, it can be stained and finished with either waterborne or oil base products. Pentacryl is also non-toxic.

Directions: for best results, the wood should be wet as in its green state. If the surface of the wood has dried out, wet surface thoroughly by soaking or wrapping in a wet towel for several hours. Use Pentacryl at room temperature. Shake well before using and read directions completely. There are two methods that can be used. Method #1 is to brush Pentacryl on the wood. Method #2 is to soak the wood in a Pentacryl solution. The brushing method is most preferable if the wood is to be carved over a period of time. The soaking method is recommended for small items that are to be carved in a short period of time.

Method #1 (brushing): after carving is finished for the day, brush on repeated coats of Pentacryl until the wood will no longer absorb anymore. Next, wrap the carving in a dampened cloth and cover with plastic. Repeat process after each day’s carving. When carving is completed, periodically apply coatings of Pentacryl again, until the wood will no longer absorb anymore. End grain areas require more applications of Pentacryl due to higher absorption.

Method #2 (soaking): the soaking method is recommended for small pieces that are to be carved in a short period of time, although it can be used for larger pieces. Be sure to keep wood damp prior to soaking with Pentacryl. Place carved piece in a plastic, fiberglass or glass container (metal containers are not recommended). Be sure to cover entire piece with Pentacryl (do not dilute). The allotted time for soaking should be 24 hours for each inch of thickness. After soaking the allotted time, drain and proceed to drying.

Drying time varies depending on relative humidity, temperature, and type of wood and size. Ideal drying conditions are 50°-70° F with relative humidity at 40-60%. Do not dry in direct sunlight, extreme or direct heat, nor under 30% or over 70% relative humidity when possible. Do Not Freeze.

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