Prelude Clear Wood Primer

Prelude Clear Wood Primer

Prelude ExamplePrelude is a clear sealer and primer for wood surfaces that have been media blasted. Over the past few years media blasting has become an excellent tool for removing old finishes in preparation for applying a new coat of stain. However, media blasting significantly increases the porosity of the wood, allowing it to absorb much more stain than wood surfaces that have been chemically stripped, sanded, or pressure washed. This high absorption results in a darker final stain color than reflected by a color chart. In addition, wood that is not uniform as a result of media blasting often emphasizes the differences in wood grain absorption, even on a single log. This can result in streaks and blotches due to varying amount of stain absorbed by different areas of the wood. For use only with water-based Lifeline brand stains.

Prelude solves many of the potential problems created by media blasting. One coat fills the wood pores and provides a uniform surface film in preparation for the application of a pigmented stain. However it should be noted that Prelude is a sealer/primer and is not suitable as a final finish! 
Use Only with Lifeline Stains!

Prelude Features

  • Reduces the porosity of media blasted wood surfaces
  • Prevents over-absorption of pigmented stain that results in darker than anticipated colors
  • Provides a uniform surface which helps to prevent blotches and streaks

Application: Airless sprayer or brush. Backbrush to ensure even coverage.
Application Temperature: 40 to 90 F.
Coverage: 200-400 sq. ft. per gallon.
Surface Prep: Must be clean dry bare wood.
Drying Time: Dry to the touch in 2-4 hours; cures in 3 days.
Clean up: Soap and Water
Shelf Life: 1 year.

Made in the USA. Prelude Data MSDS

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