Axe Puck Pouches 80/220 & 220/400

Puck Pouch in GrayThe Puck Pouch - to be efficient, you have to be organized. This mindset helped create the puck pouch. Utilizing a split pocket design, the pouch is purpose built to hold one or more round sharpening stones, or a variety of other maintenance items. If you don’t need the pouch to keep your stone at the ready, you can easily convert it to organize small electronics or other everyday carry items. Each pouch is hand crafted in the U.S.A using 18oz duck canvas, durable YKK zippers and a leather pull tab.

Please Note: Each pouch ships with one sharpening stone only.

Pouch Specs

  • Material: 18oz. Duck Canvas
  • Dimensions: 9.5” x 6”
  • Number of Pockets: 2

The 80/220 Sharpening Stone was purpose built to bring well worn bits and blades back to life. The 80 grit removes steel in a controlled manner for repairing chips and re-shaping blades from heavy use, while the 220 side refines the blade for additional sharpening, or keeping the edge maintained. It’s the perfect combination for repairing your blade by hand, without having to worry about damaging the steel’s temper on a bench grinder or other automatic sharpening device.

The 220/400 Sharpening Stone was purpose built to put a fine edge back on your bits and blades. The 220 grit removes steel in a controlled manner for repairing small chips and minor blade damage, while the 400 side refines the blade for additional sharpening, or restoring a dull blade to a razor's edge.

Each stone is made from evenly graded Aluminum Oxide granules, which allows the stone to cut faster and does not require oil to be added to the sharpening process.

Included with each sharpening stone is an American made EDPM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber band, which provides additional grip when manipulating the stone. The band is removable and can be used for a variety of outdoor or everyday carry applications. While gloves are highly recommended, the recessed finger grooves and band combination will keep your hand positioned well above the cutting plane for a secure grip throughout the sharpening process.

Please Note: Each stone is set and cut by hand. Some variation in size and color may occur. This will not affect the performance of the stone.

Puck Features

  • For use on all edged tools and portable for field use
  • Finger groove protection
  • Evenly graded abrasive provides consistent cutting
  • Removable EDPM rubber band provides additional grip and secure loose items in a pinch
  • Oil is not required. Water is recommended
  • American-made with American materials

Puck Specs

  • Weight: 5oz. • Diameter: 3" • Grit: 80/220 or 220/400
  • Material: Aluminum Oxide Bond: Vitrified
  • PuckPouch
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