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Puttylastic being appliedPuttylastic is an excellent, all-weather, bronze-colored log home construction caulk. Unlike other caulks, it is not as sensitive to adverse weather conditions, has better tube stability, and possesses qualities that are more suited to the unique nature of log homes. Puttylastic is designed to “cure” extremely slow. Its distinguishing feature is its ability to provide a soft, mobile seal. Puttylastic is designed for internal sealing. Rubberized caulks rely on two-point contact for maximum stretch, flexibility, and seal. But any caulk used for internal joint sealing will encounter multiple points of contact, not the two point contact required for the successful seal of a rubberized caulk. Unlike harder rubberized caulks, Puttylastic is naturally suited for multiple point sealing because of its semi-fluid, self-sealing nature that tends to flow with log movement instead of resisting it. Puttylastic is freeze-thaw stable. Clean-up: Mineral spirits. Made in the USA.

Application: Apply with a caulking gun. Best to use when weather is moderate and dry. Puttylastic can be used in colder and more adverse weather conditions without affecting its physical characteristics. Should it rain or snow during construction, Puttylastic will not wash off, stain the logs or lose its unique sealing properties.

Internal Sealing between Logs: For best results, some allowance of space between the logs is recommended that provides a cavity for the caulk material. Apply a 3/8" or 1/2" rounded bead along designated caulk area. Also, if design permits, use Puttylastic in butt joint areas in conjunction with wood, hardboard spline, dowel, etc.

External Sealing: Apply a 3/8" or 1/2" rounded bead along exterior log seams. If possible wait 12-18 months after the structure is built before caulking log seams, Also apply around windows, doors, upward facing checks, etc. In larger 1/2" and deeper openings, insert backer rod to partially fill the gaps while leaving enough space to caulk over at a 1/4" to 3/8" thickness.

Door and Windows: Apply a generous bead at butt joints before installing windows and door buck material.
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