Sansin Resolution I & II

Sansin Resolution wood stain Sansin Resolution: Sansin has developed a two-part wood finishing system that is tougher, more beautiful and longer-lasting than varnish. Designed for furniture, doors and other marine and land-based applications where UV resistance and moisture protection are a must, the Resolution system delivers brilliant clarity combined with chemical, scratch and water resistance. And, you can count on Resolution coming in a low-VOC, easy to apply gloss or satin finish. Available in several natural wood tones, and in clear for interior wood. For teak, choose Resolution I Teak Yellow or Teak Red for first coat exterior applications. DO NOT mix Resolution I and Resolution II with each other or with any other formulas. Made in Canada.

Resolution I is the primer step in the Resolution I-II finishing system. As the primer step in the Resolution finishing system, Resolution I may also be used as standalone protection for wood interiors. Resolution I is a high solids finish that penetrates and fills wood grain with deep UV and moisture protection.

Resolution II is the second step in the Resolution I-II finishing system. Resolution II is a crystal-clear low-VOC finish available in gloss or satin formulas.

Sansin Resolution Technical Data PDF Technical Data | Sansin Resolution SDS PDF SDS
Application Temp: Apply in proper conditions; ideal temperature of 50-86°F with relative humidity of approximately 50%.
Coverage (sq. ft. per litre):
Resolution I:
150-200 Resolution II: 75-100
Cleanup: Resolution I: Mineral Spirits Resolution II: Soap & Water
Shelf life: 3 years when stored properly between 50-86°F. Do Not Freeze.

Mixed to Order - Nonreturnable
Quart (.95 liter) $61.58   2.5 Liter (.66 gal) $120.49
Satin or Gloss
Call To Order: 1-800-359-6614

Sansin Resolution I & II Color Swatch
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Notice: Finishes shipped to: CA, CO, CT, DC, ME, MN, OR,RI, VT, & WA will include an additional $0.75 per 1-gal and $1.60 per 5-gal pail sold in order to comply with PaintCare State Law Legislation. (Minnesota & Vermont are now $0.99 per 1-gal and $1.99 per 5-gal pail). To find out more go to