Sansin Timber-Tec Chinking

Sansin Timber-Tec Chinking

Sansin Timber-Tec Chinking Used At Disney Wilderness Lodge
Sansin Timber-Tec Chinking - A revolution in chinking technology. Log homes move and settle like no other buildings. That’s why Timber-Tec Chinking is engineered for zero shrinkage while accommodating up to 400% elongation so that as your house moves it will continue to be tightly sealed against the weather. Timber-Tec Chinking is odorless, cures to exposure in just one hour, and is easy to apply even in cold temperatures. Timber-Tec Chinking is designed for application in very dynamic joints. It is solvent free, non-shrinking, and its unique cure chemistry allows application down to 30° F. Made in Canada Technical Data | MSDS

Sansin Timber-Tec Chinking is Special Order  Special Order, Nonreturnable.
Sold in 20 oz. sausage packs (12 per case). Sold only by the case.

Application Temp: 30°F +.
Method: For these sausage packs, use the Cox Bulk Gun with the factory installed blue cup or a Newborn Bulk Gun.
Surface Preparation Inspect bonding surfaces for defects or deterioration or insect damage. Clean all dirt, debris, oil or previous chinking with ammonia water or alcohol. Do not clean with petroleum distillates or detergents, which leave a residue that would interfere with adhesion.
Drying Time Cure begins when it comes in contact with air, resealing the package will not stop the curring process so it is necessary to plan accordingly. Skin over in about 40 minutes at room temperature. Hot and humid conditions can accelerate skin over time to as little as 20 minutes. Do not apply more joint area than you can tool in 15 minutes. The cure reaction is driven by moisture and heat. A 3/4" deep joint will cure completely in three days at room temperature and 40% relative humidity. Cold weather will retard cure time by as much as 14 days and warm weather could accelerate cure time to as little as one day.
Shelf Life: 1 year. Store at room temperature. Freeze thaw stable (not damaged by freezing).
Cleanup: Soap and Water
Sansin Timber-Tec Chinking Coverage Rates
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