Sansin Timber-Tec

Sansin Timber-Tec

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Sansin Timber-Tec is a concentrated, penetrating wood protection system, offering an effective guard against weathering while providing active UV protection. Suggested for use on logs, timbers, and wood joinery products. Sansin Timber-Tec is intended as a priming application for logs 24-48 hours after being drawknifed and should be applied to clean logs that are not in ground contact. Sansin Timber-Tec can not be applied over previously finished or stained wood. Timber-Tec is available in two transparent formulas: 

M-30 provides the natural light color of fresh pine.
C-20 is a clear concentrate that provides a light honey color to the wood once it has dried. 

Sansin Timber-Tec contains solids that penetrate well, creating dimensional stability and water repellency. Sansin Timber-Tec provides active U.V. protection keeping wood pure during the construction phase. Note: If applied by spraying, Sansin Timber-Tec must be back brushed for proper application. Timber-Tec must also be power washed off of the logs before applying finish.
 Made in Canada.

 Timber-Tec Data |  MSDS
Application Temp:
Do not apply in heat of day, direct sun, or on logs that are warm to the touch. Do not apply if rain is expected or in freezing temperatures.
Coverage: Mix 1:1 with water. 150-200 sq. ft. per gallon. A 5 gallon pail of Sansin Timber-Tec makes 10 gallons.
Storage: Store between 36° F and 77° F - Do not freeze.

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What are the main differences between TM-5 First Treat and Timber-Tec?
Timber-Tec contains surface protectants and needs to be powerwashed off before applying a finish. Timber-Tec and TM-5 FT come in clear and lightly pigmented formulas. Timber-Tec and TM-5 FT are not freeze/thaw stable. TM-5 FT can be diluted 2:1 or 1:1.

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