Sansin Wood Sealer

Sansin Wood Sealer is a water-borne penetrating sealer aggressively repels water while allowing wood to breathe. Over time, the wood will grey naturally to a driftwood tone from exposure to the sun - while retaining its water-repellency to protect against weathering and wood rot. In fact, Wood Sealer easily surpasses the ASTM 4446, the standard industry benchmark for water repellency. Test results show that, on average, one application of Wood Sealer reduces water absorption by 84% and swelling by 72%. Wood Sealer dries clear and will not peel. Wood Sealer is ideal for log homes, decks, fences, wood shingles, gazebos, yard furniture, and wood siding. Made in Canada. pdf logo sansin wood sealer tech data Technical Data | pdf logo SDS

Application Temp: Apply in proper conditions; ideal temperature of 50-75ºF with relative humidity of approximately 50%.
Coats: 2 Coats. Apply 2nd coat 30 minutes to 1 hour after 1st coat.
Coverage: 100-200 sq. ft. per gal.
Method: Spray application is preferred using air assist or airless spray equipment - avoid high sheer pumps. Brush using a high quality dual purpose brush.
Surface Prep: Stir well before and during application. Do not apply in direct sun, or on wood that is warm to touch. Do not apply if rain or near freezing temperatures are expected. Wash entire surface with a minimum 3000 PSI pressure washer using clean water and Sand the surface well: See Technical Data for details.
Drying Time: At 68ºF: 48 hours.
Longer drying time needed in high humidity or low temperature.
Storage/Shelf Life: 3 years when stored between 50-86°F - Do Not Freeze.
Cleanup: Soap & Water.

PaintCare Notice: Finishes shipped to: CA, CO, CT, DC, ME, MN, NY, OR, RI, VT, & WA will include an additional $0.75 per 1-gal and $1.60 per 5-gal pail sold in order to comply with PaintCare State Law Legislation. (CA is now $0.65 per 1-gal and $1.50 per 5-gal. DC is now $0.70 per 1-gal and $1.60 per 5-gal. MN & VT are now $0.99 per 1-gal and $1.99 per 5-gal pail). To find out more go to


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