Seal A Tube

  • SKU: T167-PR1600
  • Brand: Peavey Manufacturing

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The Seal-A-Tube Tube Saver is used to help open and/or clean out dispensing tube nozzles. Helps to seal and avoid hardening of tube's content for future use. Directions: Once you have cut open the dispensing tubes nozzle, take the Seal-A-Tube and push it down into the dispensing tube nozzle until it stops and makes a tight seal. To use the product again, turn the Seal-A-Tube's cone clockwise or counter clockwise 3 to 4 times to break the seal between the cone and the dispensing tube nozzle. Then remove the complete unit by pulling on the Ring. The Seal-A-Tube Tube Saver can be reused over and over again. Sold 2 to a pack. Made in the USA.

• Two Tube sealers to a package
• Creates an airtight second seal
• No more dried out tubes
• Fits any tube of caulking
• Eliminates the need to use a nail
• Every time you reuse the Seal-A-Tube, it cleans out the nozzle
• Saves time and money