The Shim Mate

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The Shim Mate is the door and window shimming solution. Makes installation fast and hassle free. Convenient adhesive strips hold firmly in place or can be stapled. Each Shim Mate can hold up to 8 shims. A real time saver! The Pro-Installer's choice. Made in the U.S.A.

  1. Remove tape liners located on back side
  2. Adhere firmly onto the door/window jamb or rough opening
  3. Install the door or window into the rough opening
  4. Insert shims under tab
  • ShimMate
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SKU: Name Price Qty Pricing UoM Quantity
T309-SM400 8 Count Bag$3.74
T309-SM100 100 Count Box$32.24
Qty Pricing EACH
T309-SM612D Kit (12 Shims & 6 Shim Mates)$4.49