Slab Concrete Sealant 10.5 oz

Slab Concrete Sealant Info Slab® is a concrete caulking specifically designed to seal cracks in concrete while remaining flexible. Stretches up to 300%. Recommended for use with Backer Rod if the crack is deeper than 1/2". Made in the USA. Case Size: 12 tubes per case. Slab Data Sheet | SDS

Adheres To: Asphalt • Brick • Concrete • Cinder Block • EIFS • Stone • Mortar • Stucco • Wood
Application Temp: 40-120° F surface temperature.
Method: Caulk Gun.
Surface Prep: Use on horizontal concrete, stone or brick surfaces that have cured for at least 4 weeks. Apply to dry surfaces with a temperature between 40° - 120° F. Remove any previously applied caulk or foams, as well as oils, dirt and other contaminants. Thoroughly clean the crack with either a stiff bristled brush or a drill-mounted brush. Sweep or blow out any debris. Install Backer Rod in joints 1/2" deep or more.
Drying Time: Cured in 1 week (dependent on temperature, humidity and bead size/thickness). Tack-free in less than 30 minutes.
Shelf Life: 3 years. Freeze-Thaw Stability Passes 10 cycles (0-70° F).
Cleanup: Soap and Water

12 Tubes Per Case

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