Gransfors Bruks Splitting Axes

Gransfors Bruks Splitting AxeGransfors Bruks Splitting Axes are designed for splitting chunks of wood, "rounds". The thick part of the concave wedge shaped axe head powers apart the grain of the wood. The concave shape of the Splitting Axes ensures that the edge goes quickly and easily into the wood and then effectively splits it as the broader section pushes apart the wood. Its unique design also means that the axe head does not stick as easily in the wood, as would happen with a slimmer axe head. When splitting wood, the handle is put under great strain at the axe head, as the handle can easily hit the log being split. All Gransfors Splitting Axes therefore come with a metal collar to protect the handle. The handle is also grooved towards the end for an extra firm grip. Hickory handles. Made in Sweden.

  • The Small Splitting Axe has a 2½" face and a 2 lb. head, 23" long.
  • The Large Splitting Axe has a 3" face and a 3½ lb. head, 27½" long.
  • The Large Long Splitting Axe has a 3" face and a 3½ lb. head, 31½" long.

Splitting Axes should not be used for striking a wedge or as a wedge. Only the Splitting Maul is designed for this.

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