Sta Brite P

Sta Brite P is a liquid concentrate of 3-lodo-2-Propynl Butyl Carbamate which readily mixes with various diluents to form a preservative solution. Wood products for use in the particle board production process may be protected from sapstain and mold by the same treating processes recommended for freshly cut lumber and timber. Sta Brite P is supplied as a concentrate and lends itself to automatic metering and dilution with water using either the Sure-Mix or dispenser system, or by simply hand mixing, and then may be applied to wood products by dip, spray, or flow coat. Typically, manual procedures are used when Sta Brite P is mixed with petroleum solvents. Do Not Freeze.

For Stain and Mold Control On Freshly Cut Lumber and Timbers
Freshly cut wood should be treated within 24 hours. Otherwise, fungal attack may extend below the surface of the wood beyond the reach of a surface fungicide treatment. Remove sawdust and other debris from the application apparatus daily to maintain solution effectiveness. Freshly treated lumber should be protected from rain.

Base Strength
For lumber 2 inches or less in thickness, one gallon of Sta Brite P is combined with 200 gallons of water. Under average conditions, a Base Strength solution provides fungus control when applied to rough cut wood, provided drying, storage and shipment are carried out in accordance with optimum industry standards, at these rates:

10 gallons on 8/4 cut per 1000 board feet
15 gallons on 6/4 cut per 1000 board feet
20 gallons on 4/4 cut per 1000 board feet

Stronger Than Base Strength
Stronger solutions are needed for lumber thicker than 2 inches, for tightly bundled lumber, surfaced wood and for prolonged exposure to adverse conditions, such as high humidity or frequent rain, or when ultra low volume applicators are used to apply the solution. These higher-than-Base Strength solutions usually are in the range of one gallon of Sta Brite P diluted with 50 to 100 gallons of water. Surfaced lumber normally retains only one-half as much fungicide solution as rough cut wood and hence needs a concentration of double the Base Strength to deposit the necessary amount of fungicide on the wood.

For Millwork and Other Wood Used Above Ground
For windows, window frames, doors, stairs, porches, shingles, trellises, steps, interior trim, wall paneling, furniture, fence pickets, fence rails, furring strips, arbors, flooring, and beverage cases:Sta Brite P may be diluted with water or mineral spirits before use. Dilute 1 part Sta Brite P with 10 parts of water or 1 gallon of Sta Brite P with 15 gallons of mineral spirits or equivalent solvent. Mild agitation is necessary during the dilution process.

The best results will be obtained if wood to be treated is immersed for 3 minutes or longer. If dipping is not possible, 2 liberal brush or spray applications can be applied. Allow at least 1 hour between applications. Make certain all surfaces are fully treated to obtain the maximum benefits. Allow 24 hours or longer after application of the preservative before painting or until all carrier (water or mineral spirits) has evaporated. Less paint is needed over wood treated with this water repellent wood preservative.

For General Preservation Of Wood In Ground Contact
Sta Brite P may be diluted in water or a suitable petroleum solvent such as mineral spirits, diesel fuel, or solvents conforming to AWPA* Standard P-9, for use in protecting wood from decay under conditions of high decay hazard. Dilute 1 part Sta Brite P with 10 parts water or 1 gallon of Sta Brite P with 15 gallons of petroleum solvent. After dilution the Sta Brite P can be applied to lumber, posts, poles and other wood products by soaking, spraying or brushing. The degree of protection is directly related to the amount of Sta Brite P retained in the wood. Soaking will result in higher levels of retention than brushing or spraying and should be used when possible. Fence posts should be debarked and air seasoned until dry and then soaked 24 to 48 hours. The butts should be well treated. Lumber for steps, sills, etc. should be soaked for at least 12 hours. When wood is not to be used in ground contact brushing or swabbing may be used. The joints should be thoroughly treated. Commercial wood treating establishments may apply ready-to-use solutions of Sta Brite P by pressure treatment according to methods described by AWPA. For supplemental protection against insect attack, admix appropriately labeled, EPA registered insecticides to the ready-to-use Sta Brite P solutions. Follow the directions given on the insecticide product label. 5 gal (makes 250 gallons @ 50:1) Ships By Truck Only - 5-gal Pail: Call For Pricing and to Order: 1-800-359-6614