Viper Insecticide 4 oz. (makes 4 gallons)

Viper Insecticide 4 oz. (makes 4 gallons)
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  • Brand: Professional Pest Control

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Ground Shipping OnlyViper is a concentrated multipurpose insecticide containing Cypermethrin (mix 1 oz. with 1 gallon water - makes 4 gallons total). Treatment with Viper will prevent carpenter bee drilling in the future. Treat every 2-3 weeks until the season is over. Not a paint or stain additive. Included in the Carpenter Bee Kit. Do Not Freezepdf logo Viper Data | pdf logo MSDS restricted symbol Cannot be sold or shipped to: Canada, CA, DC, MA, MT, NE, OR, WA, WY.

Permitted Areas of Use: Include industrial buildings, houses, apartment buildings, laboratories, buses, greenhouses (non-commercial), and the nonfood/feed areas of stores, warehouses, vessels, railcars, trucks, trailers, aircraft (cargo areas only), schools, nursing homes, hospitals (nonpatient areas), restaurants, hotels and food manufacturing, processing, and servicing establishments. Let treated surfaces/areas dry before allowing humans and pets to contact treated surface/areas. Do not use in commercial greenhouses or nurseries. Not for use on plants being grown for sale or other commercial use, or for commercial seed production, or for research purposes.

Cockroaches, Spiders, Crickets, Scorpions, Silverfish, Ticks, and Firebrats: Apply as a coarse, low pressure spray to areas where these pests hide, such as baseboards, corners, storage areas, closets, around water pipes, doors and windows, attics and eaves, behind and under refrigerators, cabinets, sinks, furnaces and stoves, the underside of shelves, drawers, and similar areas. Pay particular attention to cracks and crevices.

Ants: Apply to any trails, around doors and windows, and similar areas where ants may be found.

Wasps and Bees: Application to nests should be made late in evening when insects are at rest. Thoroughly spray nest and entrance and surrounding areas where insects gather.