Is TM-5 First Treat hazardous?
No, but do follow the manufacturer’s directions and warnings.

Does TM-5 First Treat clear affect the color of the stain?
No. TM-5 FT honey will retain a honey color to the logs.

Can I use PeneTreat with TM-5 First Treat.
Yes; however, you need to apply PeneTreat before applying TM-5 unless you clean the logs (power wash) and apply PeneTreat just before staining.

Should I dilute TM-5 First Treat or not?
The suggested dilution is two (2) parts water to one (1) part TM-5 FT. A 1:1 dilution can be used for high moisture woods such as Norway Pine and Aspen.

TM-5 First Treat comes in honey and clear; what’s the difference?
Honey will stain your logs a honey color and make it easy to see where you have applied it. Honey will not provide any more sapstain protection than the clear, but will provide additional UV protection and give the logs a light honey color even after powerwashing. TM-5 FT does not need to be removed by powerwashing before applying a finish. Honey is not recommended if the logs will be sanded after coating with TM-5 FT. Sanded areas will stand out as light patches.

What are the main differences between TM-5 First Treat and Timber-Tec?
Timber-Tec contains surface protectants and needs to be powerwashed off before applying a finish. Timber-Tec and TM-5 FT come in clear and lightly pigmented formulas. Timber-Tec and TM-5 FT are not freeze/thaw stable. TM-5 FT can be diluted 2:1 or 1:1.

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