What tool can I use to make dovetail corners?
The EDM Tracer is the fastest and most efficient way if you make or purchase a jig.

What tool can I use to cut slabs?
The Alaskan Small Log Milling Attachment, Micro-Mill, or Mini-Mill.

Where are slicks used in the building process?
The Scarf Slick is used to clean up the scarf cuts while the regular slicks are used to cleanly flatten wood surfaces or to clean up a hand cut dovetail notch.

Is there a tool to make tenons for log furniture?
Yes, the tool used to make tenons for log rails, beds, and chairs is called a Tenon Cutter. It resembles a pencil sharpener. However, it will not make a point so to speak, but the sides will taper to a flat top. An accommodating self-feeding bit will make the hole to insert the rail.

If I were to buy one Tenon Cutter, which size should I buy?

A 1½" Tenon Cutter along with a 1½" counter sink is a good size to make an assortment of furniture, spindles, and small rails.

Can a 2" Tenon Cutter cut smaller stock size than 4½
Yes, down to approximately 3". Or larger? Yes, by tapering the end of the stock.

What tools can I use to debark my logs?

Bark Spuds, Drawknives, and the Log Wizard. Use a curved based planer after debarking with a Log Wizard to give the logs a drawknifed look. Use Scrapers and Shavehooks to do fine cleaning around knots.

What is the difference between a worm drive and non-worm drive Prazi Beam Cutter?

Worm drive saws are more heavy-duty and are most often used by contractors.

What do I need a left or right handed Broad Axe for?
If you are going to be using a broad axe on a daily basis you may prefer one to fit your “hand”, left or right. The handing allows more room between your knuckles and the log when squaring timbers.

What is a good reference for making furniture?
Check out our Furniture Books & Videos. We have a complete log furniture series available for free. The references provide many ideas for log furniture and give methods for making tenons and how to use various hand tools for your log furniture projects.

What is the best book on building a log home?

There are several good log home books on building log homes whether you are a novice or a professional. An excellent book and also a video series would be the Log Building Construction Manual by Robert Chambers. Other good log home books are The Owner-Built Log House and The Handbook of Canadian Log Building (which has excellent color photos).