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Sansin is the global leader in environmentally-friendly wood protection. Since 1986, Sansin has been focused on creating the best performing, most beautiful water-borne wood finishes in the world.


Sansin's innovative research and development program has made them the leader in developing environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional wood coatings and preservatives. With a growing network of dealerships across Canada, the United States, and Western Europe, Sansin Enviro Stains are fast becoming the world-wide choice for customers who demand the absolute best in performance and beauty for their homes. Every day at Sansin, their passion for what they do drives them to find ways to protect wood better. Every day, they work with their clients to meet and anticipate their needs better. And every day at Sansin, they fulfill the promise of naturally perfect wood protection. From quality wood treatments to finishes and chinking, choose from the options below. To help visualize their full range of colors, see Sansin's Virtual Deck.

Sansin Enviro Stain *Coverage Coats Application
Sansin Classic 1 | 2 | 3 & Topcoat 160-200 | 200-300
250-350 | 250-350
1 Classic 1 + 1 Classic 2 +
1 Classic 3 or 1 Top Coat
Sansin Dec 150-300 2 Decks, Railing
Sansin ENS | Topcoat | Optimum 300 | 250-400 1-2 Doors, Furniture, Trim, Walls
Sansin Foundation: Classic | SDF 200 | 300 Undercoat for Classic, ENS, DEC, & SDF Railing, Walls
Sansin Purity Floor 400-500 2-3 (Interior) Cabinets, Floor, Railing
Sansin Purity Interior 300-500 2-3 (Interior) Ceiling, Walls
Sansin Purity Nature's Oil Reduced 3:1 1,000-2,000 1 (Interior) Timbers, Furniture, Floors
Sansin Resolution I & II 150-200 | 75-100 1 | 2-3 (up to 7) Doors, Furniture
Sansin SDF | SDF Topcoat 330 1-2 Decks, Furniture, Railing, Walls
Sansin Wood Sealer | Gary Gray Wood Sealer 100-200 2 Decks, Furniture, Railing, Walls
Application Temp: 50-75° F. *Coverage: Rate based on average sq. ft. per gallon (depending on porosity of wood surface).
All Soap & Water Cleanup Except Resolution II is Solvent Cleanup. Do Not Freeze.
Note: All finishes that are sprayed on need to be back brushed for proper surface penetration.

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